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1. What's the product brand you use for Facial Treatment?

Now, we are using professional line  of Maria Galland from French. This is one of best skin care product brands in over the world.

This brand have various choice for all skin types, especially for mature skin with effects of anti aging.

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 2. What's the origin of you massage oil and other spa product like body scrub and wrap?

The Spa have an exclusive aroma collection, with natural ingredient 100% extract from plant and oriental herbs.
We have 4 scents of essential oil with different benefit , but all of them are powerful healing tool:
- Anti stress: Java lemongrass extracted with sesame base oil
- Relaxing: lavender & sweet almond oil
- Refreshing: Sweet Orange & Sunflower seed oil
- Mood Lifting: Chamomile, mandarin, neroli, cedarwood with sesame oil

You can also find more information at this web site

3. How about the therapist here? How long they have been trained?

The Spa is managed and trained by Yen Ca Group Company, a well known company who have lot of experience in consulting & training industry in Vietnam.
For more infomation :

All of our therapist have 3 years experience and must pass examination every 6 months by trainer. We believe with the good technique and enthusiasm of our therapist, you will have an memorable spa experience.

 4. Should I have a massage when I get a flu? And which therapy is the best for me?

When you get a flu, the hot stone massage is the best choice. Combined with herbal compress, this therapy will help you recover your energy.

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